BenoƮt Pueyo comes from Toulouse, and after having spent his time at engineer school near Paris for 3 years, he is now back in his homewtown where he works in a company which sets up windfarms.

He discovered electronic music at the age of 8 – at the end of the 80ies with the beginning of house music, but started djing in summer of 1998 when he bought his decks.

Since the begining Tioneb’s been mixing mostly techno, influenced by the sounds of Detroit and the astonishing skills of Jeff Mills. At the time he was spinning on local radio shows and some small parties …

A few years later Tioneb turned to mixing on three decks without giving up his style and got some gigs abroad and in some bigger parties. At the moment he is also producing his own tracks and the year 2004 will see his first release. He is also working in collaboration with strial in the development of Edensonic records…

More info on Tioneb website and on Livesets.

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