The ionic boy

The ionic boy
The Ionicboy is the musical project of the argentinian producer, Miguel Lara.

The Ionicboy is an artistic personage. He is hidden in his laboratory and leaves on the nights, hypnotizing people with his music, with the purpose to unite the people to the rhythm of his beats.

Although the project « The Ionicboy » is influenced by multiple musical styles, his style mainly oscillates between elektro, house and breakbeat.

Miguel Lara was born in 1978 in Patagonia, Argentina and he lived, from early age, in the city of Bariloche, one of the most austral cities in the world.

From 14 years old he began to experiment with electronic music, perfecting his style with the years, being a pioneer when introducing the concept of the music done with machines on his city.

He experimented with many musical styles throughout years, begining with house, later hip-hop and hardcore, funky music, ambient, techno/breakbeat, and from 2001 to 2004,in parallel to its project « The Ionicboy », he produced electro-rock for the bands « Vrektoor » and « Datura ».

Together to with his musical facet, Miguel Lara has a strong creative career on the multimedia world that allows him to mix image, sound and interactivity into his productions, working in his own multimedia company: 3/4 LOCO. (

In spite of making his shows in different clubs from Buenos Aires and Bariloche (Argentine), his place is firmly within the underground scene. From his beginnings, he was promoted idependently, outside of the mainstream media, but admired and supported by people, producers and djs.
Finally in March 2006 The Ionicboy includes his two newest productions,
a fusion between dark, house ,elektro sound with Reticent Recordings(USA), Edensonic Recordings(Spain) and Acktivism Recordings(Spain).

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