Per Mikael

Per Mikael
DJ, producer and label manager Mikael Persson is today one of the most active men in the Swedish house and techno scene. It all started back in 1995 when he started G-Force Records, one of very few labels for electronic dance music in the country at that time, together with his friend Magnus Hjelte. After a few years Mikael felt that the he wanted to shape the label into a more characteristic brand so he decided to split up of G-Force into several musically more well defined labels. Eloge House Music was started by the fall of 1999, Facets during the spring 2000 and G-Force Records was restarted with a new serie of catalogue numbers under the name GFR during the summer 2000. The three labels covers all the different directions in modern club music that Mikael finds interesting at the moment and together they makes up the Backbone Rhythms label group. The latest addition to the label group is the Formula Premiere 12″ compilation series that will be run as a sub label to GFR. The label will continuesly release four-track compilations with the best producers in the techno scene and also present some of the new talents who will make the GFR as their home base for driving techno productions.

Mikael’s first own release came out 1996 on his own label G-Force and he has since then released mostly on his own labels (G-Force/GFR and Facets) but also on labels like Armalyte (Stockholm) and Tritone (Frankfurt). Lots of globally celebrated house and techno producers has appeared on Mikael’s labels the last few years. Productions and/or remixes by Samuel L Session, Umek, Deetron, Leandro Gàmez, Mhonolink, Tony Senghore, Jori Hulkkonen, Håkan Lidbo, Kompis, Alexi Delano, Martin Venetjoki and Rino Cerrone has been released on the three labels. All the releases has been efficiently distributed all over the planet by the different distributors Mikael has chosen to work with for the different labels. Mikael has since the summer 2003 put an serious effort into production of slower and much more minimal techno beats.

Mikael has been Dj:ing since the early nineties and his DJ skills has taken him to play at great clubs and parties in many European countries. Mostly in Sweden, of course, but also in Finland, Norway, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, France, Poland and Germany. Mikael’s style and skills behind the turntables has developed all the time, both technically and in the very important matter of making the right music selection for the moment. He is today doing his sets with three turntables at the same time to be able to control the output even more

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