Maria Loca

Maria Loca
Who needs a bio these days ?
It is always the same. Bio, discography, played here, there, etc etc etc. Apart from a few exceptions, the electronic music scene has been quite repetitive in some point of views. Also, it became something very accessible to everyone connected to the net. Its is obviously the globalization taking over. But musically speaking, the styles of the music always stand for what kind of music is this or that or that. Techno, house, trance, electro, minimal, breaks, bla bla bla… Tired of this, some crazy ass boy from Brazil decided to start this « no compromise » project, and experiment different directions of the sounds. He is actually very impressed that some labels enjoyed the sounds. He likes the crazy sounds and the labels as well. If you think you are one of those guys, check it out and enjoy.

Contact: marialocasoundz [at]

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