Jerzz / KrZik

Jerzz / KrZik
More than six years ago Jerzz decided to translate his feelings into electronic music. When he was 27 he discovered that he actually had quite a talent for music; perhaps he just acknowledged it at that age. Now how’s that for coming out of the closet…

Very Happy Producing with both hard- and software
In the last 5 years he has acquired quite a bit of hard- and software. Combining these two is what gives his music it’s own style. At least, this is how Xal records experiences his development in this…

Jerzz, Jerzy Boscowitz, Salvador Scandal are a few of his aliases that have developed themselves over the years to the point where he is now. He has made the tricks of the trade and refinement his own by doing a lot of producing and especially by experimenting a lot. Like a lot of people Jerzz has been unemployed at home for the last 14 months. Because of this Jerzz had plenty of time to really refine his music. Since Jerzz never has been very good at thinking within the box in a place where people always want to categorize everything he has come up with a name for his style: jerzzno!

Jerzz uses the following soft- and hardware: Software: Cubase SX 2.0, Reason 2.5 and Wavlab. Hardware: Alesis Ion, Yamaha dx200, Roland S10 Sampler and a Groovebox 303.

Lots of different styles of music form a source of inspiration for him. From old school hip hop (boogie down productions, rhyme syndicate posse, and the New York underground), to reggae (Bullwackie, Marley, Lee Scratch Perry), to dubby funky techno. Next to that Jerzz gets his inspiration from things around him. Because of his work in psychiatry and prison he has experienced a lot of things that contribute to his « dark and creepy style »… Next to that he can also be inspired by the singing of the birds outside, or getting a proper lay can really help to focus the mind.

His own sound
The reason Jerzz makes techno is because techno means innovation to him. In fact, this actually has nothing to do with what Jerzz listen to mostly. Experimenting has made sure he knows the available equipment through and through, and because he was busy with it day and night he was able to create his own distinctive sound. Jerzzno distinguishes itself by its deep sub-basses (reggae influences), a deep kick and rhythms that make people sweat on the dancefloor… To complement it all he tries to keep an event from the past or something that is occupying him at the moment in mind while he’s playing. The ideas he uses in his creations are usually not the most cheerful thoughts. Certainly don’t expect any cheerful tunes in his music! Because of his hip hop background Jerzz is also inclined to make trip-hop tracks every now and again. Exploring the more experimental sides of electronic music is also one of his favorite occupations. He usually makes his music until deep in the night because the dark heightens his inspiration, together with a nice joint to help the higher powers do their work.

Internet releases and reviews
The internet is a great way for producers to show their track to the world, to exchange knowledge with each other, to gain inspiration and to have people criticize tracks. The track produced by Jerzz can be found on a number of these websites, and on some of them listeners have made some well-founded, educative reviews of them. Next to these producer sites you also have so-called net-labels. These labels release tracks made by talented producers in MP3 format.

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