Ivan Shoukhtin

Ivan Shoukhtin
Ivan Shouktin, a 23 year old Russian musician from St Petersburg, started writing electronic music five years ago. Signing his first release on Edenonic records, his music reflects the main idea of St Petersburg’s underground at the end of XX century.
The year 2000 saw one of his tracks released on the « Technomusic.com » compilation on Anlx label (UWe, France). This release has been followed, for two years, by several performances on St Petersbourg venues and local releases.

For Ivan, the most essential in his music is promoting a specific mood – both deep and positive. His influences vary from Christian Vogel and Tobias Schmidt to Timewriter, Kavin Yost, S. Ysatis, Luomo…

For his future works, he is looking forward to combine original drum structures with new tech and deep sounds.

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