Henri Puolitaival

Henri Puolitaival
We all know the modern-day Detroit is a desolate, lonely place encompassed by industrial factory buildings – urban wasteland. That’s where several world-renown artists drew their influences to create the innovative and cold sounds of techno filled with soulful warmth. This is something that one could never imagine happening in Finland, thousands of miles away from Detroit, a land encompassed with forests, lakes and beautiful nature rather than destroyed life. And yet from the northern parts of Finland we can find Henri Puolitaival, whose feeling and thoughts delivered through the music is strongly influences by the Detroit sound. Henri’s music is deep and fresh yet paying respect to the original masters.

Henri’s style is soulful, funky and his compositional skills are clearly in the foreground. He is a truly capable drum programmer and can put real mood in his playing, but the compositions and arrangements of his tracks are something really distinct. Henri’s first release was “Sommarens Bästa Minne EP” – Swedish for “the best memory of the summer” – on Metrotraks, a commercial netlabel on Summer 2004. Already on the first release showed his talent for building songs instead of just looping a four-to-the-floor rhythm for five minutes, and one’s attention seemed to be drawn by nature to the most important issue – the music itself.

The most amazing thing is that Henri was approximately fifteen (15!) years old when he made his first release. His first tracks were already aired by a national radio station in Finland years ago. What were you doing when you were eleven years old? This true talent was making killer tracks at that age. If this is what he can do now, we really can’t wait what he’ll be able to come up with in five years to the future.

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