Gabriel Palomo

Gabriel Palomo (Zuvuya Recordings, 773tektno, Blueline)
The range of Gabriel Palomo’s talent spans the history of his deep roots in the electronic music scene. Spinning vinyl through space since ’83, involving and evolving through the journeys of old school hip hop break-dance beats, italo-classics, early electro, acid-house and techno, he is a manipulator of sound in both his DJ skills and production. Driven by the amazing energy of techno music, Gabriel brings years of life experience and musical talent to the electronic music scene.

His pre-teen style war beat street days as a breaker and graffiti writer a.k.a. Sez naturally led him to become a DJ, which he picked up easily after years of playing the drums since the age of six. In the early 80’s he discovered Kraftwerk and Afrika Bambaataa. Taking their musical messages to heart, Palomo became a renegade of funk, looking, searching, seeking, finding the perfect beats which led him to the early Detroit techno scene and Chicago’s acid house craze. In 1991, he attended many raves and began hosting some of the most craziest underground warehouse-loft parties in ‘93. He has since been playing an integral role in keeping Chicago’s electronic scene on the map — having organized events under his leadership of EnvironMental Sound Therapists, the Conjugate Projekt (best known for the unprecedented moving train party Motion-ness and Grant Park’s Resonance parties), 773 Tekno Saturdays (w/ Tim Xavier), D:Section (w/ Meiotic), De:Form (w/ Friction Detroit and Infrastructure NY) and the now imfamous In Your System! events (w/ Blueline and Majestic).

In 2002, Zuvuya Recordings was established as a vehicle to share his concepts and ideas in sound. Launching the Galactic Tone Series with the Magnetic EP – featuring Palomo and Tim Xavier, this release was well received with all around praise for both its driving techno syncopation and hard acid electro qualities. From positive reviews in BPM Magazine to making DJ T-1000’s top 10 Chart, this was a strong debut for the label indeed. Zuvuya’s second release Lunar EP featuring the vocal industrial-electro single “Lunar Connoisseur” with good friend Lee Chameleon, was honored as a finalist in the dance/electronic category of the International Songwriting Competition, charted on DJ Hell’s top 10, spun by Dave Clarke, Felix Da Housecat and Tommie Sunshine, licensed by Mauro Piccotto and Dj Hell for their most recent CD mixes on Meganite and Time Warp, receiving radio play in the UK, Germany, and XM Satellite Radio, and praised with a 5-star review in De:Bug magazine Germany. Palomo has also released on Dj Jes’s Fresca Recordings with a track called Oscuro, Mindshift Records with a track called Sync Attack, and Tim Xavier’s 773tekno03, remixing the industrial techno track, AzeeeO. Keep an eye out for Zuvuya’s third installment Electric Phaze EP, featuring International Deejay Gigolo and Eargasmic recording artist, Deecoy. Along with Palomo’s remix of the Deecoy-inspired tracks and the syncopated « FX », this EP presents an experience unique to the Chicago Industrial-Acid soundscape. Currently in its white label promotion, this record is being distributed thru Complete Distribution and soon to hit record stores world wide in May of 2005.

When out of the studio, and on the decks, Gabriel plays for packed venues of all sizes and types (including having played in a moving train car). Always preferring to perform at the intense pace of three-turntables, Palomo is known to drop anything from slammin’ techno to dark electro to tribal tech-house to old school acid tracks or italo disco in any given set to keep the crowd moving and engaged, not missing a beat with flawless transition and key communication with the dancefloor. Besides being one of the most respected DJs in Chicago and aside from headlining at many events in the U.S. and Mexico, Palomo has played along side international Dj’s such as Surgeon, Function, Regis, Christian Smith, Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Marco Carola, Ken Ishii, Marco Bailey, Mark Verbos, Ben Sims, Green Velvet, Traxx, Joey Beltram, Mike Dearborn, Dietrich Schoenemann, Tony Rohr and so many other musical explorers, the list goes on and on till the break of dawn.

In between DJing and producing music, he remains an active contributor with the Chicago-based “In Your System!” team which has many events planned for the fall 2005 season. Palomo resides in Berlin Germany at the moment and will continue to work hard from all angles to share ideas and contribute his part on a global scale. If you ever have the opportunity to witness him live, this warrior will definitely rewire some neurons with his skills and anthology of electronic grooves…

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