Who is the most interesting techno person in the Czech Republic of now? Defi nitely Elektrabel! Jeff Mills chose this shy guy for Mission 01 on Axis’s new sublabel 6277.
Elektrabel delivered 3 Mills-esque stormers and an ambient number.
His record was the hardest and freshest to come from the Axis camp in the last couple of years. His tracks are full of pounding rhythms set the stage and with the basslines shadowing the rhythm, while underneath melodies appear ghostlike changing throughout with odd harmonics shimmying around and delivering that SFX futuristic vibe that works so well. The tracks on Mission 01 record were the brilliant examples of why this label has been so good so often.
The press and the reviewers were confused because they didn’t know if Elektrabel was a one-record project from Jeff Mills or some unknown person. The fresh ‘Crocks EP‘ which will be followed by the Elektrabel LP For Various Reason (all on Mission/6277) show that Elektrabel is no
longer unknown. Clever music for open minded people. New EP for Mission/6277, was released in October and called Trefa.
Elektrabel starts his mission to European parties – big succes he get for his live performance at W-Parade in Wroclaw, Poland or at Summer Of Love, Pardubice Czech Republic. And he was invited from Jeff Mills to perform at Contact Special night at Womb club in Tokyo Japan in October 2005 as a part of Jeff ’s residency.
For Elektrabel it was great success and people really loved his dark, precious and original way of techno. In DJ Mag – november 2005 in article TOP 100 DJ’s was Jeff Mills asked who is Best for 2006 by his view. Try to guess what’s Jeff reply…
For 2006 Elektrabel work on new releases on Mission/6277 and prepare his fi rst European tour include some of the fi nest summer festivals and premium clubs.
Believe that his music will be still the sort of fast-paced tight techno that both Mills and Rob Hood do so well.
Elektrabel is avaiable for LIVE shows only!

Jeff Mills about Elektrabel:
„Composing Electronic Music for just a few years, Elektrabel is no new-comer to a unique knowledge of composing music with rare and uncompromising emotion. The sounds of Elektrabel are pure and they are precise. A purity that immediately caught the mature ears at Axis
Records as soon as they heard his fi rst demo sample cd. As one-time miracles are common at this avant garde level of the music industry, being able to succeed and show further promise beyond that initial stage are what most of today’s Techno producers are never able to
achieve. The unique formula of Elektrabel is not hard to understand, it involves vision, an objective and a logical mental structure to materialise such ideas and then, a sense of measuring what he has done in the past and what he needs to do in the future. Even at the early days of Electronic Music, there has always been a common desperation to locate those that excel. Elektrabel is relevant and here to be consumed. With what he has created thus far, it is clear that he has a
long and adventurous future ahead of him, a supression of such talent would be nothing less than tragic.“

Elektrabel website

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