Edensonic 24 Ivan Shoukhtin "Shmaw Shmow"Edensonic Release 24 : Ivan Shoukhtin “Shmaw Shmow”.

New minimal house release to make you groove from Edensonic long time contributor : Ivan Shoukhtin. Two remixes from Strial and Tioneb complete this EP with harder sounds.

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Edensonic records is a versatile Netlabel promoting mainly techno artists around the world in the differents styles of electronic music.

Located in Toulouse (France) Edensonic is opened to techno and other styles emerging from it. Our music is legal and free ! You can include Edensonic records releases in your mix, send us the playlist/info by mail. Check out the disclaimer/licence before downloading and use our records.

You want to be remixed by our artists ? You think your tracks fit the Edensonic philosophy and you want to release your tracks with us under Creative Commons licence ? Feel free to contact us by e-mail, see « contact » for more.

Tioneb (Left)   –  Strial (Right)

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